Ayn Rand Center Ukraine


The Objectivist Thought Leader Program

The Objectivist Thought Leader Program is the leading educational project of the Ayn Rand Center Ukraine. As Ayn Rand said, we don't choose whether we need a philosophy or not. We can only decide which one to choose for ourselves. This project is designed to help our students do this.

During the course, students will learn about the ideas of major philosophers in history, understand how their teachings of millennia and centuries ago still affect you and society, learn which of their ideas debunked Ayn Rand as harmful to the individual and gain comprehensive knowledge of her own philosophy - Objectivism.

The program consists of two parts. The first is an online philosophy course from American philosopher, successor, and close associate of Ayn Rand Leonard Peikoff. The second is online and offline lectures on Objectivism from the best experts on Objectivism worldwide.

Campus Coordinator

It is crucial to promote the ideas of Objectivism among both students and the academic community. The Campus Coordinator Program is precisely the project that aims to spread Ayn Rand's ideas in universities throughout Ukraine. We are creating a network of clubs where educated objectivists can promote the philosophy of Objectivism. Clubs will operate in schools, universities, workplaces, etc. Thanks to the Campus Coordinator Program, Ayn Rand's ideas will spread even faster and more efficiently.

Teaching Objectivism 101

Teaching Objectivism 101 is a pilot educational project of the Ayn Rand Center Ukraine. During the program, participants attended three theoretical and three practical classes. The speakers, experienced objectivists, helped participants gain a more profound knowledge of Objectivism and the practical skills needed to spread and promote Ayn Rand's philosophy.

John Galt School

John Golt School is an online project of the Ayn Rand Center Ukraine, organized with the support of our partners - Ayn Rand Center Europe. John Golt's school is designed for people who are just beginning their journey in the Objectivism. The school consists of eight classes - six of which are lectures, one class is a book club, and the last, eighth class is a meeting-discussion of the course and results. Lecturers are profound objectivists who educate students on the Objectivist ethics, politics, and aesthetics alongside lectures on economics, public relations, and business-related topics.